Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Book review of The Marriage Trap (Marriage to a Billionaire #2) by Jennifer Probst


Italian billionaire seeks faux fiancée. Willing to agree to anything in return...

In order for his sister to marry, Italian billionaire Michael Conte has to find himself a bride – and fast! When he learns that photographer Maggie Ryan is going to be in Milan, Michael hatches a plan to introduce her to his family as his “fiancée.” Never mind that Maggie is confident, independent, and a control freak. Never mind that she’s everything he doesn’t want in a wife… and everything he wants in his bed!

Convinced that Michael is in love with her married gal pal, Maggie agrees to keep up the ruse if he’ll keep away from her friend. Besides, she’s not attracted to charming, ridiculously hot billionaires who drive her nuts. Once they’re in Italy, however, everything changes – and the sexual tension between Maggie and Michael goes from simmer to naked nuclear meltdown!

But have they found the perfect arrangement… or are they trapped in a make-believe marriage?


HOLY CANNOLI! How I ADORED this book. Before I even start, I'm not ashamed to admit that I spent a good 20 minutes browsing through Google looking at Italian Male Models to try and post a Michael Conte lookalike (in my eyes) on here but found no one who does him justice. 

Moving on.

Who is Michael Conte? Well,  I'm glad you ask. He's sex incarnate. Think of chocolate and honey and wine alllll wrapped up in a tall, dark, and handsome Italian man.... that's him LOL. He also happens to be a BILLIONAIRE who is SINGLE and looking for a fake WIFE- HELLO?! Total LifeTime movie but IDGAF!

We meet Michael and Maggie in the first book of this series but you don't really have to read book one (The Marriage Bargain) to read The Marriage Trap. Any who, Michael needs a wife and Maggie wants the count to stay away from her best friend and BOOM, we have a deal. The sexual tension that these two already had BEFORE this arrangement is, in my opinion, what makes this book!

Michael is the father figure in his family- total businessman and Maggie is an independent, sassy, in-your-face chick. The way they clashed and meshed was so PERFECT. AGH. 

This book delivered on so many different levels. It was funny, sexy, warm, heart-breaking,  and real (as much as a book about a billionaire marriage arrangement can be).

The sekz. THE SEKZ. THE SEKZ!!! 

There were some seriously hawt scenes in this book!!!! You definitely don't want to read this at work like I did... but whatevs...

It was a really quick read but I thought it was a perfect length (pun intended) and my favorite in the series so far! The only thing that irked me was some incorrect Italian. Nothing to really make THAT big a deal over but it got to me (OCD). Anyway, I will most likely read again and I recommend it to those looking for a fun and feisty read. *RAWR*

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