Friday, February 7, 2014

Vampire Academy Mini-Review

YOU GUYS!!!!! Ok, so we just watched Vampire Academy and we LOVED IT! Before we say anything we want to let you all know that we walked in with NO expectations. When we watch book to movie adaptations, we do not (or try not to) compare the books to the movies. 

The only thing we didn't really like was some use of cheesy lines- specifically from Dimitri. It had it's moments but overall it was really fun.

 It was a pretty accurate adaptation but it was a different feel and tone than the books. It was obviously the same plot but with a funnier twist. 

The characters were good and Rose was absolutely perfect. Dimitri. We love him even though some of his lines made us giggle. And we got to see him in his underwear. 

Sweet baby Jesus. 

We had heard "around town "that their "relationship" was non-existent but we think it was a good balance, in our opinion. The chemistry was there and there was some tension as well! Yes, there could've been more but we thought it was fine. 

Christian is hot.

Another thing we loved was the use of funny pop culture references including some Twilight silliness. We can't wait to see this again and we hope you all watch it and enjoy it. Remember to keep an open mind and to go in there with no expectations. It's just like the book but different... It's so hard to explain!!!! 

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