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Blogger Spotlight *One Guy's Guide to Good Reads*

One Guy's Guide to Good Reads

Bookcrastinators, meet Ethan, who runs One Guy’s Guide to Good ReadsHi, ETHAN!

A recent college graduate, Ethan hails from the Missouri Bootheel, though don't ask where, you'd miss it anyway! Ethan has used his small town wit and charm to push his way through four years at Missouri State University where he graduated with a double bachelors degree in history and anthropology in the Spring of 2014. After working a long list of boring jobs, Ethan finds himself now on the search for a "career" while trying to keep himself sane and read ALL THE BOOKS. Ethan can usually be found attached to his Nook reading the latest and greatest. His love of literature can be attributed to his amazing family and a few select instructors who have taught him that the best way to find himself is through a good book. An avid fan of the entertainment industry, Ethan is always up to date on the film and TV scene, but is a huge fan of all things Broadway (random, he knows).

He is the proud father of his “Baby Pig” Eva Munroe (Avi) who can often be found in all his Facebook pictures, invading Instagram (#Instapig), or chilling on Ethan’s shoulder. Avi is the official blog mascot of One Guy’s Guide to Good Reads. Unfortunately there isn’t much to tell about her because well, she’s a guinea pig.

Ethan’s hobbies include sleep, looking for a prospective wife, and speaking in the third person.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

My blog is relatively new, I made my “debut” back in March. I decided to start blogging because, well, easy answer, I LOVE to read and I wanted to share my love of literature with readers, just like you all! I am involved on Cora Carmack’s Street Team and I am surrounded by 24 other amazing bloggers who really took me under their wings and showed me the ropes, I wanted to do more than tweet about my reads so I took the next step! After doing some pre-blog stalking, I discovered that there weren’t hardly ANY male book bloggers out there so, I had to get in on this. Guy readers are just as important and often times aren’t as vocal about their reads as females, I try to give those guys a voice!

What is your favorite part about being a blogger?

My absolute favorite part is connecting with the authors of the books I read/review. Be it at author events or just on Twitter, meeting an author is an amazing experience. More times than not they treat their fans like rockstars and it makes this experience all the more worth it. I am honored to call many of my favorite authors “friends” now after working alongside them! It’s a great experience!

What book made you fall in love with reading?

My earliest memories involve reading SOMETHING so I don’t know what I would say was the one book I would attribute to my love of literature, but I would have to say that Harry Potter aside, the first “adultish” book I read that really hit me hard was Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. I was only 13 when I read it and had NO idea what some of the things he was writing about meant, but it started me down one awesome journey. I’ve since read it about 3247364876 times and it is my favorite book!

What is your go-to book recommendation?

Today? Geez. Recent go-to recommendations from me recently usually go like this: Liz Long’s Donovan Circus Series, Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, ANYTHING Jennifer L. Armentrout, Chelsea Fine’s Archers of Avalon series, Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia’s Beautiful Creatures series is a favorite of mine. Standalone? I usually recommend Jennifer Donnelly’s Revolution! Sorry, I can never recommend just one. I have SO MANY favorites!

Who is your fictional girlfriend?

Fictional book girlfriend… I get asked this a whole bunch and of course, I can’t pick just one. I have a thing for the strong female types so Alexandria Andros (JLA’s Covenant series), Scarlet Jacobs (Chelsea Fine’s Archers of Avalon series), and Sophie (KA Tucker’s Causal Enchantment series) (I have a thing for older women and French accents…) combined into one woman would be awesome. Just saying.

If you could live in a fictional world for one day which one would it be and why?

Oz. No question about it. Oz is where it’s at. I don’t think I’ve ever met another person as obsessed with Oz as I am. I’ve read/watched/listened to everything Oz I have been able to get my hands on. I blame Gregory Maguire, but Oz is just awesome. There’s magic, there’s law, there’s the royalty hierarchy thing, honesty, you can do whatever you want. I’m not talking the Judy Garland rainbows and lollipops Oz either, any true Ozians will tell you what’s up!

Zombies or Vampires?

Vampires. Why mess with the un-dead when you can mess with the living dead? End of story. Also, vampires are probably the sexiest of supernatural creatures. Just saying.

Which 3 fictional characters would you like to  be paired up with during a zombie Apocalypse?

**I guess it would depend on if they could have their “powers” or not. Okay. Uhm….

1. Pam Ravenscroft from Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mystery Novels AKA The Sookie Stackhouse Novels (yes, those True Blood books, but the book Pam is SO awesome). She’s powerful and as sexy as can be for a 160 year old vampire!
2. Lena Duchannes from Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia’s Beautiful Creatures series. The most powerful Caster of her generation (maybe ever)? A Southern belle, with THAT accent? Sign me up. Surely those looks and powers would come in handy right?
3. Seth (does Seth have a last name?) from Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Covenant and Titan series. I would probably like to have a “bro” around to talk to and fight alongside as well as those awesome girls. Seth is really powerful (an Apollyon, woah!) and he’s kind of a douche which is kind of funny to me!

Who is your all time favorite author?

Until I started this blog and really started reading hardcore, I would have said Gregory Maguire, without a doubt, but there are so many amazing authors out there. Gregory Maguire is always my go-to answer for this one though. I owe so much to his writings. Meeting Mr. Maguire is very high on my bucket list!

What top 3 series/books do you recommend?

Again, this is so hard to answer. Okay. As of right this minute the first three series that come to mind are The Wicked Years by Gregory Maguire (my favorite), The Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and probably a tossup between Chelsea Fines’s Archers of Avalon series or Liz Long’s Donovan Circus series (Donovan Circus is only 2 books into the series, but it is very quickly becoming one of my all time favorites) for the 3rd slot!

Do you prefer e-reader or physical copy?

Unlike many others, I’m going to have to say e-books! In addition to them being cheaper, they are easy to store and transport. I can access them anywhere. Highlighting and noting is amazing and you don’t have to mess up the physical book, it’s great! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE physical copies of signed books and of my favorites, just for show, but when it comes to my own reading experience, give me an e-book please! Oh and I’m a Nook fan through and through!

What is your favorite book quote?

This is the hardest question for me to answer. I have SO many books highlighted with quotes, but these three keep coming back to me, they are from 2 of my all time favorite books.

One is from Chelsea Fine’s Archers of Avalon series: “there is no victory without a battle”, short but seriously helpful.

The other two are quotes from Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire (my all time favorite book): “Remember this: Nothing is written in the stars. Not these stars, nor any others. No one controls your destiny.” And “People who claim that they're evil are usually no worse than the rest of us... It's people who claim that they're good, or any way better than the rest of us, that you have to be wary of.”

What is your favorite genre?

If I have to pick one, supernatural/paranormal. In a paranormal novel you can read anything, you can be anything. There are no limitations and your brain goes CRAZY with the possibilities. If you are reading a paranormal novel and it doesn’t change your crazy-inner nerd’s life, you’re doing it wrong!

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