Thursday, August 14, 2014

*Author Spotlight* Elle A. Rose

In addition to Frozen, Elle is also the author of: The Chronicles of Amber Harris Series and Hideaway Hill. She's an avid reader and will stay up all night to finish reading a book. Outside of reading she enjoys hanging out with close family and friends, shopping or just relaxing while watching TV. Once a month she attend a creative writing workshop at her local Barnes and Noble and takes pleasure in the many different writing exercises and critique sessions offered. Elle resides in Upstate New York. 

Elle A. Rose’s new book began life as a short story for a Halloween anthology published by her writing group. Having developed the story into a full length novel, Elle has now produced a full-length YA fantasy novel for her readers to enjoy. Frozen follows teenager Verick Cedar, who survives in a world ravaged by an alien species called the Xecerptavode. With the land ravaged, the water drained and all comforts a thing of the past, the humans are forced to venture out on Halloween, when the Xecerptavode are briefly frozen. Sixteen year old Verick must go ‘Trick or Treating’ for the first time, navigating the unforgiving environment and gathering supplies for his family in his one brief window of opportunity.
Elle A. Rose deftly explores reactions to deprivation, disaster, and grief, and in doing so raises questions about the nature of humanity. As the fight for survival places ever-increasing pressure on Verick’s friends and family, ripples of anger and betrayal threaten to immobilise their society for good. Frozen will appeal to adult and young adult readers of sci-fi and fantasy, and Verick’s fear, desperation and, ultimately, courage and compassion will grip readers to the final pages.

Earth as we knew it is no more. We, the humans of the planet, that once supported over nine million species and a luscious array of plants have fallen victim to an alien race. The Great Takeover, led by the xecerptavode (ex-serp-ta-void) has ravished our world, draining all fresh water and causing the entire earth’s surface to be fused into one giant mass.

With the awareness of life on other planets, we reached out for help, yet no one has come. The xecerptavode have now destroyed the technology that our race has come to rely on, and millions have died. We humans who remain have been forced to live in destitute conditions.

We, the United Nations, air this final broadcast to those few who are still able to listen, with heavy hearts. The people of Earth have stood proud, shown one another that all differences could be put aside for a better cause, and fought a battle that was not ours to win. With our last address, we, the survivors of the planet formerly known as earth, vow to remember the past, fight to exist in the present, and seek future salvation. 

My heart thrashes in time with my feet pounding across the cold hard ground. I can’t run any faster, longer, and yet I must. My life and my family’s survival depends on it. -Frozen

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