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Blogger Spotlight *Book Soulmates*

We are thrilled to share our other affiliate blog with you guys. The beautiful ladies at Book Soulmates are fellow South Florida book lovers who we are lucky to call our friends! Get to know them below and make sure to check them out on all social media (links are below the Q&A)!

Book ♥ Soulmates

We first met these lovely ladies at a Books and Books event. After the event a HUGE group of us (including the ladies over at Owl Always Be Reading) decided to go out for dinner afterwards and the rest is history. We love these girls and we are so happy to share all things book related with them (as well as The Walking Dead, our nail polish addiction, and wine).

How did you ladies meet?

We originally met through a mutual friend; one that I'd known since middle school.  Shortly after I moved back to Miami (from Chicago), I wanted to celebrate my birthday with a mini reunion at The Melting Pot so I invited my friend Mercy.  She asked if she can bring her friend, Vanessa who had also just celebrated her birthday.  After lots of laughs and hanging out a few more time, we discovered that we both really loved reading and started getting together regularly at B&N.  We like to say that we met over fondue and bonded over books!  We've now been best friends for over six years.  

Why did you decide to start blogging?

We started blogging about a year after we met.  I (Isalys) was friends with another blogger, 
All About {n} (now retired), and she introduced us to the wonderful world of blogging.  We decided to get into it because it seemed like a really awesome way to connect with other readers as well as get the inside scoop on new books.

What book made you fall in love with reading?

We've both always enjoyed reading but it wasn't until Harry Potter that I'd say we both truly fell in love with books. 

Who is your fictional boyfriend?

Well, I know Vanessa's love for Mr. Willoughby from Sense & Sensibility runs deep, while personally, my heart belongs to Mr. Darcy...along with countless others. Jerricho Barrons (Fever Series), Bones (Night Huntress Series), and Gavin (Just Breathe Series) top that list.  #bookslut

If you could live in a fictional world for one day which one would it be and why?

If I could only pick one, it would be the world of historical romance.  I often say I was born in the wrong time because I adore the very idea of drinking tea in parlor rooms, going for strolls in Hyde Park, and taking a carriage to the ball du jour while being escorted by a handsome gentleman donning a top hat.  Le sigh!

For Vanessa, I'd say she'd probably like to be a Gryffindor for the day ;)

Zombies or Vampires?


Which 3 fictional characters would you like to  be paired up with during a zombie apocalypse?

Michonne and Daryl totally count, right?
I think Hermione could totally kick zombie ass, too.  I mean, she could just sit there being all brilliant and zap them with her wand all day long!
Oh and Gin Blanco from Elemental Assassin because she's a total BAMF!
What top 3 series/books do you recommend?

Harry Potter because everyone needs to read it!
Fever Series and Elemental Assassin Series for lovers of Urban Fantasy.

The Bridgertons and Outlander for lovers of Historical Romance.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Series

Do you prefer e-reader or physical copy?

Vanessa has gotten into ebooks more lately because they save you a ton of space.  As for me, I'm pretty committed to printed books.  I definitely see the benefits to ebooks but to me, there's nothing better than holding, sniffing, and curling up with a real book!

What is your favorite book quote?

Oh, so many...

  1. “Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.”― J.K. Rowling,Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  2. “If you say a word, it leaps out and becomes the truth. I love you. I believe it. I believe I am loveable. How can something as fragile as a word build a whole world?” ― Franny BillingsleyChime 
  3. “I don't know many rules to live by,' he'd said. 'But here's one. It's simple. Don't put anything unnecessary into yourself. No poisons or chemicals, no fumes or smoke or alcohol, no sharp objects, no inessential needles--drug or inessential penises either.' 'Inessential penises?' Karou had repeated, delighted with the phrase in spite of her grief. 'Is there any such thing as an essential one?''When an essential one comes along, you'll know,' he'd replied.” ― Laini TaylorDaughter of Smoke & Bone
  4. “I'm saying that I'm a moody, insecure, narrow-minded, jealous, borderline homicidal bitch, and I want you to promise me that you're okay with that, because it's who I am, and you're what I need.” ― Jeaniene Frost,Halfway to the Grave
  5. “Try to believe that maybe more light shines out of those who have the most cracks.”
    ― Mia SheridanArcher's Voice
What is your favorite genre?

Our favorites are: YA, Historical, Paranormal, and New Adult romances, and Urban Fantasy.

What is your favorite book to movie adaptation?

We basically love all the Jane Austen and Harry Potter adaptations.  (Can you see a bit of a pattern here? lol)


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