Monday, August 11, 2014

Book review of Blue by Kasey Jackson

A thriving black market—fueled by healers convinced of their supernatural medicinal properties—created an uncontrollable demand for the most grisly commodity to obtain—

the body parts of the colorless people.

After the murder and maiming of countless people afflicted with Albinism, the South African government realized that they had to intervene. Out of the desire to protect even the poorest of the afflicted people, the Humane Harvest Compounds were established.

Fifteen years later, in a rapidly changing post-Apartheid nation, Anytha and Tabitha—two young women living completely different lives—are found questioning the motives of those in power, setting their minds to look beyond their spotless reputations, good deeds, and popularity—unaware that what they discover may make them question what they believe about life itself.

We were offered a copy of the book for review by the author- thanks, Kasey!

Before I get started.... #thatcovertho! It's such a gorgeous cover. #coverporn ...scroll back up- I'll wait.

What a beautifully written book! This is one of those reads where you get so engrossed that it's hard to put it down. It's also the kind of book you really have to focus on so I recommend you don't read anything else while you're reading this one. 

The characters are great. They were strong and well developed which makes it easy to connect with them. The weaving of the two stories was fantastic- it was a smooth transition every time.

One of the many things that I thought was unique to this book is that I kept looking stuff up as I read which was actually fun for me!

And my personal favorite discovery were the Jacaranda trees- YAAAAAS!!!! I love these trees!

I will admit- the first few chapters were hard for me to get into, I started this about 5 times- no lie, but I'm glad I pushed through and finally got invested. 

All in all, this is a great read. Especially for those of you looking into something way different and thought provoking. Do keep in mind, it's a slow paced read but it's really wonderful! Can't wait to see what comes next, Kasey!

I have been marked for a cause.
I am a 23-year-old wife and mother to twins with no college degree.
I have no credentials.
I shouldn’t write a novel.
But, by the Grace of God alone, I did.
In 2012, I was given a story to tell. Out of the Blue I received the idea for my debut novel.
A story that will hopefully re-open an uncomfortable discussion that needs to be discussed. For the sake of generations.
For the sake of the lives of all the unborn children that don’t have the means to discuss it themselves.
For this cause, I will open my mouth.
For this cause, I will feel the discomfort.
For this cause, I write it all down.

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