Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Book review of Safe (Conquering #1) by Ryan Michele

Moving to Williamsfield, Georgia is not what she wants … it’s what she needs. An escape—from him.

After being brutally abused for years, Sadie seeks sanctuary and safety. But can she ever be safe when evil has his eyes on her from afar.

Landon doesn’t want a relationship. He’s been burned too badly to want anything more from a woman than the physical, but one look at Sadie and he’s rethinking everything. 

Can trust be formed when it’s been so beaten down? Can love conquer fears? What happens when evil doesn’t give up? Can Sadie ever really be safe?

**Please note. This book contains the very difficult subject of physical abuse and has a non-consensual sexual scene. It also has a very strong woman who learns to heal from these acts and finds the kind of love we all dream of having.

Just a reminder that this book contains physical and sexual abuse.

What a beautiful story about learning to love and trust someone again. It was an incredibly touching story filled with emotion.

Sadie leaves home and heads to Georgia to get away from him. She moves in with family and is warmly welcomed to town. I'm from a big city so I love the whole small town thing. Everyone in town (except for one bitch) is so sweet to Sadie. Even so, Sadie is jumpy and weary of everyone, especially men. 

Then she meets sweet Landon. I love him oh so much. What a man! He's so sweet and he has that southern charm that just made me MELT. I love how protective he is of Sadie. He's understanding, supportive, caring, gentle, and patient. He's also HOT AS FUH.

Sadie is a hot mess. She's incredibly vulnerable and emotional and although some people might think that makes her weak, I think it's completely normal. The only thing that got a little old for me was that she cried a lot  but I truly connected with her and wanted to help.

The writing was a little choppy for me at times but nothing that kept me from enjoying the book. It did get smoother as the book progressed. And it also got more and more intense! The last few chapters had me freaking the hell out! SO GOOD. I can't wait to read more by Ryan Michele!!!! Go read this, bookcrastinators!

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