Friday, September 25, 2015


Hello Bookcrastinators! We're so excited to introduce our newest team members! Please feel free to read about the team below and to follow on all social media! 

Betsy is an Opera Singer who travels the world with her trusted iPad (aka infinite library). She is a grown ass woman who is obsessed with all things Disney (#27GoingOn5). Aside from singing, reading, and Disney, Betsy is a hard core dog lover (her personal Instagram is basically pictures of her Pekingese Luna), lipstick enthusiast, The Walking Dead addict, nail art pro, Netflix binger (is that a word?!), and Ella Fitzgerald Pandora station listener. She lives in sunny Miami, FL and loves meeting fellow book lovers!

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Melody is a twenty-something reading teacher born and raised in Miami, Florida. She's a lover of all things books, so much that she writes them, reads them, and designs their covers. She has decided to never grow up and actively keeps the dream alive by being obsessed with all things Disney. When she's not reading or writing, she can be found listening to oldies, power lifting at the gym or daydreaming about the fictional worlds she creates.

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Carole is a teacher by day, a bookworm by night, and a mommy in between. She grew up in South Florida and relocated to Oklahoma where she now lives, hoards all the books and listens to Vampire Weekend on a daily basis.

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Jada has a sweet husband and a 4 year old son. As if that alone weren't enough to keep her busy, she have chosen to dedicate her life to educating North Texas' teenagers. She currently teaches Sophomore English at a high school in the suburbs of Dallas, and she absolutely loves reading. Her favorite genre is Young Adult fiction, and she love reading books that she can talk to her kids about! Outside of school, she's an avid quilter, and has actually won 3rd place in the Texas State Fair for one of her quilts. She's so excited to be a part of the Bookcrastinators team!

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Karmina is an anime obsessed Virgo, a seriously worrisome procrastinator, and a badass book enthusiast. She's 14, a nervous wreck about starting high school, but overly excited to be apart of this team!

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Sweary.  Sexy.  Intelligent.  All of these equate to both Kerry's personality and her taste in books.  Obsessed with champagne, her Cavalier, Lady, and sitting on her balcony in sunny FL.  She never says no to adventure or bottomless brunch.

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Sarah is a 19-year-old book blogger. She love books, beauty, and zombies. She has been known to read full-length books in one sitting and has an unhealthy addiction to sweet tea and Psych.  She can be found trolling the #booksfortrade tag looking for more books to hoard.

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